A laid-back maternity session.

There's definitely a beauty in simplicity. One reason I love holding maternity photography sessions at Studio Studio in Ann Arbor is because it provides a blank slate to take very minimalist yet personalized portraits. There's several studios across Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor that each have their own vibe. Together, we choose which studio would be the right fit for your maternity photography session--based on location and how it feels to you.

These two lovebirds were fun to photograph. They had me laughing the whole time, and we had an easy-going session. That's the goal with every photography session! When we plan for our session together ahead of time it really lays the groundwork for a stress-free experience. Because photography sessions should be laid-back and something to look forward to!

If you're getting your photos taken and are considering a studio session, here are some upsides:

  1. You won't have to worry about the weather. With our crazy Michigan weather, it can be 70 degrees and sunny out one day and a blizzard the next. Having your session in a studio eliminates that problem altogether.
  2. It's private. Are you self-conscious or uncomfortable with showing PDA? Studio sessions with only your photographer can ease that.
  3. Your photos will be different and artistic. While most people are having their photos taken outside, you can have a simple, beautiful studio session that will stand out from the rest.
  4. The space can be customized to fit what you're looking for. Studios typically provide multiple pieces of furniture for use, but sometimes it's all in the details. Love vintage perfume bottles? Let's put some on a side table. Fresh flowers? I got you. Spaces that provide a bed allow another opportunity for customization with different types of bedding and pillows. The possibilities are kind of endless.
  5. Gorgeous, even natural light. Even on our dark, overcast days the studios I use all have big windows and tons of natural light.

P.S... This gorgeous couple got to meet their son just days after our session!

And let this be your reminder to book your session between 28-34 weeks, lol. I can't tell you how many times a Mama has come in at 36/37 weeks then given birth early. We've gotten lucky, and I would hate for you to miss out on your only chance to capture that pregnant belly.